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Beyond the SEA: An Introduction to Tableau

Tableau is an interactive, customizable data visualization software that can connect to various types of data and display it in ways that is meaningful and informative to all levels of management and

POSTED ON: 06/21/2017

Beyond the SEA: Data Science 101: An Introduction for Librarians

The term “big data” is often tossed around in conversations about science, but what does it really mean?

POSTED ON: 01/18/2017

Beyond the SEA: Data Science 101: An Introduction for Librarians

Introduction to the topics, discuss opportunities they provide for librarians to engage with learning at hospital and academic medical centers

POSTED ON: 01/18/2017

Beyond the SEA: Drab to Fab: Making Conference Posters Pop!

This webinar will focus on tips and tools available freely to you to use for enhancing your presentations and adding impact to your message.

POSTED ON: 04/19/2017

Beyond the SEA: Instructional Design: Beyond the Basics

In this webinar, we will explore advanced instructional design skills and settings.

POSTED ON: 10/04/2017

Beyond the SEA: LGBTQ Communities: Your Best Resource to Reduce Health Disparities

You will learn about the importance of understanding local LGBTQ community resources and other non-traditional sources can be the best tool to reduce health disparities.

POSTED ON: 06/07/2018