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NNLM SCR Disaster Relief Offerings

Last updated August 26, 2020

As communities within the NNLM South Central Region respond to seasonal disasters, we extend our well wishes and ongoing support to those involved in the recovery efforts. The NNLM SCR offers the following program and financial support to agencies working to ensure access to authoritative health information is available to all. These programs and opportunities are designed to assist with meeting stakeholder immediate needs and we hope they will allow our partners to offer programming, technical and service continuity within your community.  Please contact the NNLM SCR Office at nnlm-scr@unthsc.edu or (817) 735-2223 for more information. 

Target audiences served by these offerings: Public Libraries, Public Health Departments, Health Educators, Social Workers, Community Groups, Non-profit agencies, agencies involved in First Response, Relief Agencies and others responding to community health information needs resulting from a disaster in areas where an emergency declaration has been issued at the state or federal level.

Agencies offering services must be an NNLM network member and be based within the South Central Region which includes: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico and Oklahoma. Network membership is free and open to institutions that provide authoritative health information to the public, health professionals or other practitioners. 

To apply for membership: https://nnlm.gov/scr/members

Mobile Programming / Pop-up Program Resources & Tools – Funding opportunities 

COVID-19 Health Information Outreach Award

Please find funding opportunity here: https://nnlm.gov/scr/funding/covid-19-health-information-outreach-award

Applications are due September 1, 2020. 

Disaster Relief/Response Award

This award is currently not available. Only COVID-19 funding is currently being offered. 

Eligible projects must increase access to authoritative health information in some way in order to align with the mission of the NNLM. These awards are intended to extend health information resources to affected populations. 

Examples of programs/services include (this list is not inclusive of all eligible projects):

  • Public Library (and other agencies) pop-up programming for displaced populations (focused on health, recovery, or mental health) 
  • Projects that enable libraries, public health agencies, relief organizations and other health information providers to offer services in shelters or other remote locations.
  • Organizations providing services within evacuee centers are eligible even if those centers are not in geographically damaged locations
  • Mobile health information centers for displaced individuals 
  • Purchasing required equipment to maintain service for damaged locations 
  • Equipping health educators to deliver services to flood victims

Educational Program Continuity Services

Public Library Online Health Program Offerings (free sessions, hosted, offered and promoted remotely by your NNLM SCR Team). To assist your library with educational service continuity, the NNLM SCR is available to offer free ‘online programs’ for your patrons. Each session will focus on providing patrons with the information needed to locate authoritative online health information. The NNLM SCR will teach the session, host the program online and promote it to your community. Each session is 30 minutes and patrons may view the sessions via the internet.  

Program titles are denoted below:

1) Locating quality online Health Information Resources (30 minutes - online format) 
Patron connectivity needed: internet access and computer or mobile device.
2) Locating authoritative drug information online (30 minutes – online format)
Patron connectivity needed: internet access and computer or mobile device.

Staff Training Opportunities

In-Service Training (Online)

Ongoing In-service courses are available for your staff. Courses are designed to increase staff awareness of health information tools that can be used in their daily practice. Classes can be tailored to community agencies, public health professionals, library staff and more. Please contact us to schedule an online course offering for your team. 

Topics/courses that may be offered are:

  • Consumer health information resources – online training
  • Caring for the Mind: Mental Health Resources at Your Library – online training
  • Grants and Proposal Writing - online training
  • Understanding the Opioid Crisis - online training

Professional Development / Training - Funding opportunities 

Professional Development Awards are available to assist your staff with obtaining training in utilizing, accessing, providing, or educating others in the use of quality health information. Training sessions attended by staff may focus on increasing their knowledge of authoritative health information and ultimately facilitate their ability to provide service continuity, disaster relief, remediation and recovery. You can find all opportunities here: https://nnlm.gov/scr/funding

Please contact the NNLM SCR Office at nnlm-scr@unthsc.edu or 817-735-2223 if you are interested in applying for this award.