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SCR Regional Initiatives

Regional initiatives are led by South Central Region coordinators to help utilize their unique expertise to contribute to the mission of NNLM.

Regional Initiatives for 2020-2021

COVID-19 Response has been a primary driving force to the NNLM South Central Region over the course of 2020 and 2021. This pandemic crisis has dramatically changed how we conceptualize, build, and deliver services to our regional members, partners, and communities. In addition to awarding five (5) COVID-19 Health Information Outreach Awards, SCR has put significant effort into collaborating with local and national organizations to offer timely programming and access to resources focused on topics surrounding COVID-19. Please visit our COVID-19 Resources page for more information.

Parks and trails contribute to a healthier community. They encourage alternative modes of transportation and active lifestyles. They’re also settings for recreational programming as well as citizen science efforts. Fort Smith specifically is looking to use trails to connect parks to some of its most at-need populations and has already been awarded National Parks Service funding to build new trails.

Tribal organizations in Oklahoma in particular but across the region will be engaged in health information engagement through culturally aware methods. By partnering with tribal liaisons, the NNLM SCR will develop additional services, perhaps through funding or education that meets health information needs in a culturally-competent way. A proposal for the new year is currently underway for implementation in Year 5.

The Rio Grande Valley is a transborder socio-cultural region consisting of both cities and smaller rural communities called colonias. These colonias experience a myriad of health disparities and often lack basic services as well as sanitation issues. SCR will create connections with other community organizations in order to begin a collaboration of health educators, promotores, and Community Health Workers (CHW) to conduct training in the Rio Grande Valley (the Valley) to advocate for better health practices, such as proper hand washing and other sanitation techniques.

Current National Initiatives

NNLM National Initiatives
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NLM & NIH Priority Areas for NNLM:

Previous Regional Projects

While not a major focus of SCR, projects included here may still have active content that continues to be maintained, such as a class offering or a publication. Please direct inquiries to nnlm-scr@unthsc.edu

Performing Arts Health was developed by the Community Engagement Coordinator to partner with health professionals focusing upon musician health and researchers examining the impact music has on the health of consumers. ​

Space Health Programming, Health Information Resources to Support Science Engagement was developed by the Consumer Health Coordinator to provide NNLM, NLM, NIH, and NASA resources to public and school librarians, as well as science educators. The regional partnership with educators provided a train-the-trainer workshop including hands on activities. Programs include science, space, health, and literacy subject matter. See also for resources for the Summer of Space, summer reading programming that was conducted for library patrons and the community!

The Game of Health was developed by the SCR All of Us Community Engagement Coordinator to provide public libraries with a fun interactive game to introduce patrons to trusted health information resources. Health care is a team effort, and the best way to get the best care possible is to be an active member of your health care team. Patrons will go through five steps of the game to learn ways to prepare, engage, and research health-related information.