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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
Operation CLICKS III (Computer Literacy: Increasing Consumer Knowledge for Seniors)

The Texas AHEC East - Greater Houston Region will provide a program of customized computer literacy classes to seniors at two Senior Centers in underserved areas on Houston, TX.

Operation School Nurse: Health Information Outreach to School Nurses in Tulsa County

The Schusterman Library proposes to provide health information outreach to school nurses in Tulsa County through health information training workshops.

OY2 Express Outreach LA: Project Connections Baton Rouge: Your Link to Health Resource Information

The overall goal of Project Connections is to increase awareness of appropriate and effective Internet-based health information among at-risk clients/consumers, as well as service professionals, in

OY2 Express Outreach: 2013-14 SEL-AHEC Community Outreach

Project staff will provide training to health care professionals and emergency responders on NLM?s mobile websites and apps, including WISER, CHEMM and REMM.

OY2 MAP: CareLink iPad Mobile Patient Education Initiative: Using MedlinePlus Videos

Patient education is a significant priority for staff at UHS. This project will significantly strengthen the CareLink Patient Education Program already in place.

OY2 Promoting National Library of Medicine Resources in Arkansas

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Library will promote resources from the National Library of Medicine to healthcare providers, healthcare consumers, college and university lib

OY2 RL Outreach LA: Fostering Partnerships Between Public Libraries and Allied Health Professionals

Outreach activities will focus primarily on classes, webcasts and exhibits. Target groups include public libraries staff members and allied health professionals.

OY2 RLOutreach LA: Connecting Health Consumers w Mental Health Resources in Red River Twin Cities

The LSU Health Shreveport Health Sciences Library faculty will provide outreach services to staff and patrons who participate in programs at the Shreve Memorial Public Library [1] branches, as well

Professional Development - Cheramie

Stephanie Cheramie will attend the American Library Association 2013 Conference & Exhibition, June 27, 2013 - July 2, 2013 in Chicago IL.

Professional Development Award - Bridgewater APHA 2013

Carolyn Bridgwater will attend the American Public Health Association Conference, November 2-6, 2013 in Boston MA

Professional Development Award - Greene

Mira Greene will attend the 2013 Digital Library Federation Forum in Austin TX, November 6-11, 2013

Professional Development Award - Henderson

Sheila Henderson will attend the SCC/MLA Annual Conference, October 25-30, 2013

Professional Development Award - Science Boot Camp - Huang

Lisa Huang will attend the First Science Booth Camp for Libraries in the West June 19-21, 2013 in Boulder CO

Professional Development Award - Science Boot Camp - Romano

Joanne Romano will attend the First Science Booth Camp for Libraries in the West June 19-21, 2013 in Boulder CO.

Professional Development Award - Whitmire

Dana Whitmire will attend the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference March 16-19, 2014 in Austin TX

RL HAM-TMC Library: The ROutE to Health Information: Resource Outreach through Exhibits

The HAM-TMC Library outreach proposal is focused on promotional exhibits which demonstrate NLM resources to healthcare professionals and consumers in the twenty-one county service area.

RL TTUHSC: Healthy West Texas Inside & Out

The Preston Smith Library of the Health Sciences will provide outreach services to the healthcare practitioners of West Texas and to the general public who reside in West Texas, including rural, ur

RL UTSW Yr. 3: Building Partnerships - Information Outreach in Dallas and NE Texas

This program focuses on promoting NLM databases to four major groups: (1) public librarians, library volunteers, and library patrons in Dallas and in small towns throughout Northeast Texas; (2) sch

RL Yr 3 HAM-TMC: Empowering Consumers and Public Librarians - Health Information Resources Training

Outreach programs will target primarily African-American consumers and public librarians.

RL Yr 3 OSU: Health Information Access Outreach Program for Diverse Underserved Target Groups

Oklahoma State University Medical Library will do a varied mixture of demonstrations, classes, exhibits and an outpatient clinic kiosk.