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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount

The MSEARCH program is an electronic skill building program focused on educating seniors' in Harris County in the navigation of NLM health information resources using mobile device technology.

Mobile Connections for Health

MCH is a health information outreach and training program aimed at increasing Community Health Workers access to and awareness of the NLM's online health information resources.

Mobile Health Information Training and Consumer Health Programming Initiative

Training across the Dallas Public Library system will be implemented using mobile devices to educate information professional about NLM electronic health resources.

Outreach Services for Homebound and Isolated Persons

Homebound/isolated seniors in the Quapaw community will be provided with laptops and training in the use of NLM senior health e-resources.

Professional Development Award - Greive

Ms. Greive will use funds to attend the South Central Chapter of the Medical Library Association annual meeting October 2-7, 2015 in Little Rock, AR.

Professional Development Award - Joy Russell

Ms. Russell will use funds to attend Systematic Review Workshop: The Nuts and Bolts for Librarians at the University of Pittsburg.

Professional Development Award - Rogers

Ms. Rogers will use funds to attend the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries Educational Program November 6-7, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.

Professional Development Award- Whitmore

The Awardee will attend the Charleston Conference November 4-7, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Promovision - Capacity Building Assistance Project 2015-2016

The Promovision Capacity Building Assistance Project (Promovision) will be upgraded to enhance access to web based related health information by patients, the affected community, their caregivers a

Ps (Partners) for PODs: Engaging School Libraries in Points of Dispensing Disaster Preparedness Activities

This project combines the expertise and resources of the State Department of Health, school library administrators and staff, and the NN/LM UNM Resource Medical Library to: present workshops target

South Central Region Contract 2011 - 2016

Regional Medical Library Contract

Title Description Amount
3D Printing as a Medical Education and Research Problem Solution

The addition of a 3D printer to the 24/7 Digital Media Studio in the Health Science Digital Library and Learning center would facilitate needs for the School of Health Professions in terms of Prost

Addressing Cultural Competence in South Texas

UT Health Sciences Center staff will exhibit at local health professional conferences to promote NLM resources with a focus on cultural competency as it relates to serving Hispanic populations.

Building Partnerships for Community Health: Information Outreach in Dallas and Northeast Texas

Outreach focused on NLM resources will be conducted targeting the following groups: public librarians, nurses, community health organizations, Latino and African American populations.

Community Outreach and Collective Impact

The Schusterman Library staff will exhibit at area health fairs and events. These feature live demonstrations of MedlinePlus and provide supplemental print material to attendees.

Connecting with Arkansas Health professionals, Consumers, Librarians and Public Health Workers to Promote NLM Resources

Awareness of NLM resources will be raised among consumers, healthcare providers, librarians and public health staff.

Crossing Borders: International Collaboration between Health Sciences Librarians in Mexico and the United States

The ?Crossing Borders: International Collaboration between Health Sciences Librarians in Mexico and the United States? project is presented by the Gibson D.

Education for Pediatric Patients Involving CuttingEdge Technology (EPPIC Tech): providing Empowerment Through a Mobile FabLab

A mobile health information Lab will be developed.

Emerging Leaders Award - Whitehead $3,500
Empowering Consumers and Public Librarians-Health Information Resources Training

Public Librarians in the outlying counties of the TMC Library's service area will be trained with the curriculum of three NN/LM public library training courses.