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Bringing the NIH 3D Print Exchange and 3D Printing to El Paso's Health Care

The Texas Tech University Health Science Center at El Paso Libraries will bring 3D printing and knowledge of how to use the NIH 3D Print Exchange to the health workers, medical students, Hispanics, and doctors in Western Texas. This will be done by purchasing two 3D printers, demonstrating how to access and download files from the NIH 3D print exchange, printing files found on the NIH print exchange, demonstrating how 3D prints can aid in medical education, demonstrate the benefits of 3D printing to the medical profession, checking-out the printers to medical professionals to print files, and allowing the printers to be used on-site by the general public for health-related printing. To promote and advertise the existence of these printers the librarians will do on-campus demonstrations, will promote the printers on the libraries' website, will demonstrate the printers to as many local health fairs as possible, and will print items for exhibits in the greater El Paso area.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso
Delia Montes-Gallo Library
Organization Type:
Academic Institution
Health Sciences Library
Funded Dates: 
Monday, September 19, 2016 to Sunday, April 30, 2017
Funding Amount: 
Consumers - General Public
Students - Health Professionals
Librarians - Health Science
Health Professionals - Health Services Researchers
Health Professionals - Nurses
Health Professionals - Physicians
Health Professionals - Allied Health
Scientists - Biomed/Genetics/Biotech
Health Administrators