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Past Funded Projects

Title Description Amount
What the Health: Free Consumer Health Resources

Stony Brook University librarians will provide instruction for public librarians on consumer health resources, including MedlinePlus, Consumer Genetic Health Resources, TOXNET (select databases) an

Word Wise: Health Literacy Skills and Resources for the Healthcare Professional

Crouse Health library, in partnership with Crouse Medical Practice (CMP),will engage in a skills and resource awareness campaign to promote the principles of health literacy in all patient interact

Youth Advocacy for Health Literacy in Steel Valley

The Pitt-Bridge Health Science Clubs seeks support for underserved students in middle and high school of Steel Valley School District.

Title Description Amount
A Geographically Focused Health Information Outreach Project

Zip code 75212 is an economically disadvantaged area of West Dallas. There are numerous organizations in this 11 square mile area that are trying to help residents.

A Regional Professional Development Program for Scholarly Communication

Worcester Polytechnic seeks an NNLM NER Member Program Award to subsidize hosting of the 2017 ACRL Scholarly Communication Roadshow.

Administrative Management Software and Community Needs Assessment To Identify Needed Resources for Families Affected by Addiction in Southeastern Massachusetts

1 Organize existing donor, volunteer, and constituent data so that it may be used to support the effectiveness of the program and allow for increased funding to serve clients now and in the future.

Alternative Peer Groups (APGs): An Innovative Solution to Address Gaps in the Care Continuum for Prevention and Recovery of Addiction

The Alternative Peer Group (APG) is a comprehensive adolescent recovery support model that integrates recovering peers and pro-social activities into evidence-based clinical practice.They are a cri

Awareness for Credible Online Health Information and Healthcare Utilization for Adult Managed Care Enrollees

The volume of information available online makes it difficult to navigate and validate.

Becoming a Healthier Community: Step by Step

Provide health education and health information searching skills for individuals in most need with a focus on affordable food selections, simple meal preparation, and physical activity engagement t

Bridging Health Information Gaps at the Public Library

Access to reliable health information for vulnerable populations: Vulnerable populations often reflect diversity from a number of perspectives.

Bringing the NIH 3D Print Exchange and 3D Printing to El Paso's Health Care

The Texas Tech University Health Science Center at El Paso Libraries will bring 3D printing and knowledge of how to use the NIH 3D Print Exchange to the health workers, medical students, Hispanics,

Cancer Conversation: Saving lives through early cancer detection

15-40 Connection and the National Network of Libraries of Medicine both work to provide access to vital health information to improve quality of life and the healthcare experience.

Community Health Outreach: Comics and Medicine 2017 Conference

This project will bring the Comics and Medicine 2017 Conference to Seattle, WA on June 15-17, 2017 at the Seattle Public Library.

Community Health Outreach: Health Kiosks Increase Access

Over twelve months, Multnomah County Library will pilot the use of health information kiosks in select branches.

Community Health Outreach: Improving Diagnosis and Treatment of Dementia in Primary Care

Washington State has the third highest rate of death from Alzheimer's disease of any state in the nation. This is expected to increase 40% in next 10 years and 181% over the next 30 years.

Community Health Outreach: Improving Rural Montanans' Access to Quality Health Information

This project will consist of a spectrum of outreach activities that MSU Librarians will implement to educate Montana constituencies about National Library of Medicine resources and services.

Community Health Workshop: Promoting Healthy Communities by Increasing Knowledge

The Community Health Workshop project seeks to utilize and build on the role of community spaces such as libraries, senior centers, and community centers to facilitate access to knowledge and promo

Connections4Health: Improving Patient Health through Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Connections4Health (C4H) is an innovative program of placing a social service help desk in the waiting area of underserved medical centers to assist patients in their unmet needs during, and as par

Continuing Health Information Outreach in New Mexico

Through this project, HSLIC will focus on sustaining the connections with the many organizations in New Mexico it has partnered with in the past to raise awareness of free health information resour

CoughEtiquette 2016-2017

We will continue supporting our education program with previous participants who wish to continue.