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Research Data Management

Research data management is a concept used to describe the managing, sharing, and archiving of research data to make it more accessible to the broader research community. Research data management provides an opportunity for a researcher to create a plan that will ensure that their data will be organized so that it can be shared with other researchers, and archived for long term preservation. Librarians can assist researchers with their data management concerns by helping to assign metadata to describe research data; teaching data management best practices; providing guidance for transferring data into a data repository; and outlining a preservation plan to ensure long term access to data.

Tips for Teaching Research Data Management:

  • Implementing a team-teaching approach that is scalable to multiple disciplines and active-learning components allows for addressing a variety of data management needs.
  • One way to approach a course would be to ask the research the following questions:
    • How will you manage your data?
    • What type of Data or file formats do you produce in your work/research?
    • What standards will you use for data documentation and metadata format?
    • Where will you store your data?
    • Will your data be secure?
    • Do you have a backup strategy?
    • How will you release your data for access?
    • How will you share your data?
    • How will you archive the data for preservation and long-term access?
  • Building flexibility into the course would enable the course to be valuable for students at various educational (undergraduate and master’s/PhD) and experience levels.
  • Employing a variety of delivery methods, video, online self-paced, and one on-one instruction, allows for faculty to choose various combinations of modules and delivery methods to be incorporated into a range of learning environments that meet their needs as well as those of their students.