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Open Science

Open Science

According to Dan Gezelter, of The OpenScience Project, Open Science encompasses four fundamental goals:

  1. Transparency in experimental methodology, observation, and collection of data
  2. Public availability and reusability of scientific data
  3. Public accessibility and transparency of scientific communication
  4. Using web-based tools to facilitate scientific collaboration


  • Making Open Science a Reality – Sept. 2015 report from the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). Includes chapters on publication and data, as well as governance.
  • Center for Open Science provides free, open-source products and services for increasing openness, integrity, and reproducibility of scientific research. Open Science Framework is a notebook platform for anyone.
  • Open Data – Fact sheet from SPARC (Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition) (pdf)
  • Open Data Tools: Turning Data into ‘Actionable Intelligence’ (2013) – Discussion of open data and a comprehensive list of “More than 349 Subject Specific Open Data Tools.”
  • Panton Principles – The Panton Principles, Principles for Open Data in Science, were created by the Open Knowledge Foundation in 2010, and outline recommended protocols for publishing and licensing of data.
  • Creative Commons and Data – A CC wiki page that discusses open licensing of data and databases.
  • Scholar Publishing and Open Access – University of Washington's research guide on scholarly publishing and open access topics.

last edited 4/14/2020