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Data Sharing

See Data Tools for a more general list of useful tools, and Repositories for more on repository options.

Publishing Data

  • Acquiring High Quality Research Data (2011) – Examines the differences between electronic text publication and data publication and the challenges that result from these differences for the data publication process. Data publication process is illustrated in the context of the human knowledge spiral along with key factors for the successful acquisition of research data from the point of view of a data repository.

  • Making Code Citable (2014) – Useful guide on integrating Zenodo and GitHub to mint DOIs for software (and data)

Researchers and Data

The nature of research, challenges and needs of researchers, and the value of research data.

  • Data sharing in large research consortia: experiences and recommendations from ENGAGE (2013) – Discussion of results of survey conducted in the European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology (ENGAGE) that collected information from participating institutions about their data-sharing experiences. Overall, the survey results reveal that data sharing functioned well in ENGAGE and highlight areas that posed the most frequent hurdles for data sharing. Steps to overcome hurdles to data sharing are outlined.
  • The Conundrum of Sharing Research Data (2011) – Christine L. Borgman. Funding agencies and journals have made efforts to promote data sharing, but very little data is currently being shared. This paper explores the complexities of data and the research practices, economics, intellectual property, incentives, and public policy that impact data sharing.

last edited 9/22/2020