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BLOSSOM! Building Life-long Opportunities for Strength, Self-Care, Outlook, Morale, and Mindfulness, free virtual symposium

A free virtual symposium for library staff focused on their health and wellness.

This free three-day virtual symposium will bring together experts on morale, invisible services, vocational awe, burnout, and self-care in libraries. The symposium will provide library staff at all levels, including management, with key takeaways to improve library staff's health and wellness. This event is open to all library staff regardless of employment status and to library science students. 

March 24, 25, 26, 2021


Abigail Phillips, Amanda Leftwich, Amy Tureen, Callan Bignoli, Eamon Tewell, Eileen Ybarra, Fobazi Ettarh, Janet Damon, Jenn Carson, JJ Pionke, Kaetrena Davis Kendrick, Max Bowman, Nikhat Ghouse, Nisha Mody, Tasha Nins, Twanna Hodge, Wendy Peters, and more!


Why Attend?

  • Re-energize your work by sharing/learning with like-minded individuals

  • Learn practical skills to improve self-care starting immediately 

  • Burnout mitigation skills and ideas to take back to your library 

  • Decrease sense of isolation amongst library staff

  • Participating in this virtual symposium could help with ideas to provide your own virtual events in the future 

  • This event is free

  • The event provides 8 CE credits

Visit this website to register for the symposium and select the presentation, panels, and virtual networking events you want to attend.  

For questions or comments regarding the event, including technical issues, please email nnlm-blossom@uiowa.edu

  • To provide educational and inspirational speakers so that the members may increase their knowledge related to self-care and wellness
  • To provide network members an opportunity to collaborate, share expertise, and recharge their spirit
  • Increase understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, and disability among NLM members
  • Provide access to research and resources to improve library staff health and wellness
  • Engage with library members
  • Increase awareness of NNLM, NLM, and NLM products
Course Owner(s):
Bobbi Newman, MLIS, MA, Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist
Colette Beaulieu, Office Manager/Web and Technology Support
Sarah Dickey, Program Manager
Emily Hamstra, Outreach Coordinator
Molly Knapp, MA, AHIP, Training Development Specialist
Margot G. Malachowski, MLS, AHIP, Education and Outreach Coordinator
Bobbi Newman, MLIS, MA, Community Engagement and Outreach Specialist
Continuing Education:

This symposium provides 8 Continuing Education credits (CE)

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