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What is the Community Engagement Toolkit?

The Community Engagement Toolkit provides a collection of resources, methods and best practices for organizations participating in engagement activities in their communities. Use this guide to learn about the core skills and knowledge needed for successful community engagement, and see examples of programs that have succeeded in utilizing the input and participation of their community members. Use the Community Engagement Toolkit to,

  • Discover the core skills and knowledge needed for successful community engagement,
  • Read about successful programs utilizing the input and participation of their community members, and
  • Contribute your own successful community engagement story so others can learn from you.

Are you interested in what other organizations are doing to engage with members of their communities? Check out our interactive map under the Case Studies & Success Stories tab!

Access the Community Engagement Toolkit Here

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We’d like to invite you to share your successful community engagement experiences on the NNLM’s Community Engagement Toolkit! This is a great opportunity to share what community engagement activities work for you and to learn from your peers’ what activities have worked for them!
Submit your success story here.
All submissions will be evaluated using a rubric to assess inclusion of a success story in the Community Engagement Toolkit. The rubric was built based on a set of criteria identified for Program Inclusion into the Community Engagement Toolkit. If your story meets these criteria it will be added to the Case Studies and Success Stories page on the toolkit. By sharing your stories, we can provide other community organizations with examples of successful community engagement activities and identify programming events to be shared with All of Us. We’ll also promote successful stories via our newsletter, which has a readership of over 1,800 consumer health professionals across the nation!

The Community Engagement Toolkit was developed as part of a partnership between the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) and the NIH All of Us Research Program (All of Us). To learn more about All of Us go to joinallofus.org/nlm.