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Looking for programming ideas? Reach out to your Regional Medical Library to learn about programming and projects that have been successful in the past. Here are some additional resources to help get your creative juices flowing!

Program Kits

Resources on Digital Literacy

Developing Partnerships

Based on your community assessment you might find that there are other local organizations who are already doing some of this work, or you might have great partnerships with local groups established already. Whatever the case, partnering with community organizations can help bring in subject expertise and share resources to improve the success of your initiatives. Here are some resources to help you develop and maintain effective partnerships. 

The Community Toolbox is an excellent resource! It also includes articles in Spanish and Arabic. Here are some links to some specific resources out of the Community Toolbox that you might find useful:

The Public Library Association is doing some great work with health literacy initiatives. See what they are doing here.

Association of American Medical Colleges Community Engagement Toolkits

Evaluate your Program