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Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit

In partnership with the All of Us Research Program, the Network of the National Library of Medicine has produced the Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit. The enriching experience engages your community around health and wellness information while increasing awareness of All of Us.

Five banners

What is Included

Each exhibit kit includes five banners that are shipped free-of-charge in one large container. The floor banners are easy to assemble and make an attractive display. Participating members can host the exhibit for a six-week period.

Precision Medicine Guide

The Precision Medicine Guide complements the exhibit. Presented in combination, your community will learn how genes, environment, and lifestyle play a role in precision medicine and will discover where to find more information.

How to Apply

The NNLM will select host sites from NNLM members that submit an application for the Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit. You can request to host an exhibition by completing and submitting an application.

To receive a kit, the applicant must agree to:

  1. Offer one event held in a public library or in partnership with public library staff that can be promoted back to All of Us. The kit awardee must be able to provide event details at the time of application submission or agree to provide event details at least 30 days before the event has occurred. The event must be held while the applicant hosts the exhibit.
  2. If possible, allow local All of Us partners to attend the event to provide awareness of All of Us.
  3. Distribute NLM & All of Us brochures to patrons at event. Brochures will be provided to NNLM members as part of the kit.
  4. These reports are required for this award:
    1. Health Survey to evaluate the in-library event
    2. Program Kit Follow-Up Survey within 30 days after the event has concluded

Additional information will be provided to recipients upon receipt of the kit.

Several programming ideas and activities that you may want to consider while hosting the Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit are:

  • "Train-the-trainer" activities that enhance the skills of library staff and other consumer health information intermediaries to train target populations to locate and evaluate NNLM health information and All of Us resources.
  • Develop partnership(s) among health sciences, hospital, and public libraries; community-based organizations; volunteer organizations; and other public venues to improve awareness of and develop skills to locate high-quality biomedical and health information.
  • Host a speaker to supplement your traveling exhibit with health information programming. Visit the NNLM Speakers Bureau webpage to learn how to bring a health professional, such as a genetic counselor, to your library.
  • Organize a symposium or panel presentation on how to find and use NLM health information resources at the host venue or with a partner institution that serves underrepresented or diverse populations.
  • Reach out to your Regional Medical Library for support, advice, and partnership in delivering access to specific NLM health information resources to target audiences - e.g., community members, faculty, local librarians, etc.

After applying for the Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit, you will be notified by your NNLM All of Us Engagement Coordinator within two weeks on the status of your application.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email lib-nnlmallofus@uiowa.edu

How is the Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit funded?

The Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit is made available with funds from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the NIH All of Us Research Program (All of Us). Public libraries that receive a traveling exhibit must be willing to host one event using the exhibit that can be promoted to All of Us participants in their community and to promote NLM resources and raise awareness of All of Us by sharing brochures and information included in the shipment.